Bad habit breaker

This month, I will stop:

  • Being doubtful and mistrustful of people
  • Defaulting to negative thinking

This bad habit occurs because:

  • I’ve had bad experiences with people
  • When people don’t tell me things I’ve gotten hurt and felt lied to (like I can’t trust their opinion of me)

Instead I will:

  • Think of 3 things that person did that I can be grateful for or 3 fond/positive memories
  • Do something that makes me happy!

Doing this will have a positive impact on my life as a whole and make me a happier person.


Mini gratitude journal:

I’m really grateful that when I felt lonely, I find the article giving me a conversation starter to talk to Weilee, run into people on the bus and have my partner come and connect with me!

Be generous with the universe and the universe will be generous with you

Bad habit breaker

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