The heartbreak

How do I feel?

Lonely, sad. Really need and want love.

The problem is I’m not getting the connection and nourishment and amazingness I want from a relationship.

I can have it with him, or with someone else or by myself.

You need to heal, how do you heal?

To feel loved, to feel alive, to know that it’ll be okay, to be enveloped in love.

What do I need, connections.

I am living my purpose.

Nourishing connections.

To be listened to in a way that makes me feel validated heard and fulfilled.

I have a purpose and that makes me feel and come live, I have a story, I am a child of the wind, I go on journeys and adventures.

I want a life with a job that fulfills my soul and spreads joy to people, I want a relationship where I feel loved and wanted and cherished. Not second class, not trying to always convince, trying to be strong, to have hope. I want to feel safe and explore, to have companionship.

I don’t have those things right now. So I can either mope the fuck out of it or get it together.

A life that works for me, where I am happy.

Asserting myself.

I am leaving everything that doesn’t serve me behind, you either catch up or say good bye to me. You either walk the same path as me or that’s it.

There’s no to-do list or mechanics, there’s intent and things happen.


The heartbreak

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