Why I am going insane

I need help, I won’t even lie or pretend.

Firstly, I am dealing with relationship trauma and invalidation.

If that’s not enough, my existing anxiety and depression are acting up thanks to the above.

And then I have event stress:

  • Speakers not submitting things
  • ticket sales worries
  • sponsorship worries
  • translator concerns
  • A/V worries
  • Licenses to apply etc.

Household chores and shit.

Like really, right now, I need my base. I need help, I need my friends and family.


Yea no, I’m crashing with good reason.

Okay event problems we can definitely resolve them. WE WILL!

Just need reliable people and reliable help.


The later half adds to the top half. Yea I should be checked in for self-harm if that wouldn’t make things worse.

Why I am going insane

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