Because I’m a workaholic

To shut down my workaholic brain, I actually need to write a work report for myself to demonstrate that I’ve done enough work and have earned relaxing time.

Crazy, I know.

So, what did I do today?

  • Chased URWork
  • Sent out sponsorship request to GuocoLand & Uniqlo
  • Followed up with SIF and WoodFix
  • Chased sponsors for logos (Globibbo, Silent Disco, CaptionCube)
  • Sent SMS to chase SingCapital
  • Chased SIF
  • Finished the instagram piccies for the upcoming IB event
  • Bugged Priya to chase sponsors and contact Animal Alliance
  • Sent email to ASM AV folks for specs
  • Bugged Brandon for F&B and layout and AV specs
  • Met Tina for meeting, possibly getting AV contacts from them
  • Sicced mom on sponsors and potential speakers

I think that’s plenty enough work for the day, yes there’s more work for tomorrow but work is endless.

Wouldn’t mind doing Yoga and some workout when I’m home and reading when I’m home though.

Okay! So what should I do for the rest of the time? Hm…program draft? And uh…read? OH MUJI!

Because I’m a workaholic

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