I grew up on anime.

I grew up with ‘leave no man behind’ tattooed on my heart.

You fight for your family.

Bonds are the most valuable, sacred things in life.

Trust in friends, in your loved ones, in your family.

You support each other to do your best, to reach your best.

You stand together and fight together.

And you’ll always come home to each other.

All the shows I’ve watched, manga I’ve read, has taught me that there’s nothing more precious that your precious people, your pack.

To not be an idiot and push people away, to treasure them and rely on them, we are more powerful together.

These are my core values, and what I seek, to have my own pack and people whom I can trust like that.

I’m still searching for my merry band of misfits, my partner(s).

To grow and explore with, splitting up and coming back together…

So I am incredibly unfulfilled right now. Alone.


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