I spend an inordinate amount of time, especially compared to the regular person, contemplating on what love is.

I’m a loved person, my friends and family love me.

And I know they love me because they accept me for who I am, they’re there for me, show support, show me care and affection and well…they demonstrate that they think I’m pretty damn awesome.

Not quite to the point where they worship the ground I walk on, but you know they do act like I’m one of the best things since sliced bread, and I think and show the same.

To that point I was pretty clear on what love is.

Except I have a lover who claims to love me but does not act it.

No care, no affection, no appreciation.

I do think he loves me, but he doesn’t really seem to show it and I guess he thinks I’m awesome but certainly doesn’t act like it.

I want to say that he’s just one of those people who don’t show these things, but he does, just not to me.

So this leads me to contemplate a lot on what love is.

Can you love someone but not appreciate them and not think they’re awesome in SOME way?


If the situation is complicated enough?

In which case is such love healthy?

If I don’t FEEL loved but I AM loved, or at least the other person thinks of me with love, is that enough to justify a relationship?

Does love need to be FELT rather than THOUGHT to be valid?

Is love valid and legitimate if you only think it but never show it, or in fact even show the opposite?

Is love more important as a verb or as a noun?

I’m still working on it.


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