The trust bank

How much a person trusts you is more on them than on you; how much a person comes to trust you is more on you more than on them.-Chocomon ephiphanies

We all assign a certain level of trust in people when we first meet them based on our own experiences, beliefs and backgrounds and how the other person presents themselves.

This level of trust waxes and wanes as we interact with them and things happen.

The more trust you have in someone, the more you’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt when they break your trust.

But if a person breaks your trust one too often and loses your trust completely, trust then becomes suspicion.

Building of trust happens in daily life, especially in relationships. Because trustworthiness is best demonstrated in not one action but in the consistency in one’s actions and intentions. (For we must not forget that sometimes, a person may be unable to act due to circumstances beyond one’s control. Therefore, intentions matter.)

And I’ll leave it at that, because that’s all that matters.

To love is many things.

One of which being: 

To love is choosing to keep an eye out for trustworthiness instead of keeping an eye out for suspicion. 

To love is to unconditionally approve and accept and embrace. 

The trust bank

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