Excited by

I’m likely not alone in being excited by new ideas.

The new, the novel, the unexplored frontiers is exciting to me.

Even the failures are exciting to me.

Often at times, in games, it is the crappy items you’ve made when attempting to synthesize new items from new ingredients that makes the game so satisfying and fun.

You end up trying to find new ways to fail just to see what you’ll get.

It’s the spirit of experimentation, where failure is part of the learning process.

You learn more from why things do NOT work and why it’s a bad idea to put them together.

I love new ideas, new experiences, that knot in your stomach that makes it hard to breath when you dip your toe into new waters…in that moment you are curious, in that moment, you are brave.

I love sharing that with people.

I also love sharing that moment, where you are standing on the ridge watching that first sunrise with others…that brink of discovery…commemoration of a new experience.

I love to share, I love to connect.

I love to see the world…and to share it with other people.

Excited by

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