Nothing is forever

We fear change, yet nothing is forever.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that people change, people grow.

And if the way a person changes and grows, their final destination and final form ultimately leads them away from you, then it does.

And as someone who loves the person very much, you need to let them go at that point.

It seems ridiculous a notion, to support and walk along-side a person to ultimately lead them to a point where they leave you. Why invest so much in something that will ultimately leave you?

But that’s child-rearing isn’t it?

You’re raising your child to leave you, you’re investing yourself, and entwining yourselves into their lives to ultimately help them grow into something that will leave you.

Maybe they’ll come back, maybe you’ll form a new type of relationship, maybe they’ll just be gone for good. We may not even live long enough to find out.

So if one day, any of my romantic or personal relationships lead to them growing into someone who has to leave me…

I want to be grateful that I was part of the journey. People go, which means people will come too.

Every person is an addition to my experience on the road of life, but it is a road that I walk alone, but a journey all of us are on.

Parting always comes with sadness, and that’s just part of the journey.

We all do our best to walk-alongside each other, until our personal paths and forms lead us away.

But until the point where we part-ways, I vow to be as present and as dedicated to the relationship and growth as I can be.

Because it’s the journey, not the destination that matters.

Nothing is forever

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