Every relationship is a fusion

Self-reminders are wonderful things, sometimes you can lose yourself and forget yourself. Reconnecting with yourself and your values therefore becomes incredibly important.

But enough about that.

Today I wanted to talk about a new connection I made about SU (gotta love that show to death) and polyamory.

I’ve talked about my idea of an MOR (mutually optimal relationship), which is basically how each relationship between two people will find a way to take its most mutually optimal form. And each MOR is unique and no MOR is is competition with another.

So back to SU, in SU…fusion is really a physical manifestation of a relationship. And I don’t just mean a romantic one. The beautiful thing is, each fusion is unique. Sardonix is Sardonix, Smokey Quartz is Smokey Quartz and they’re all wonderful. And there’s never such a thing as you are only allowed to fuse with one person.

Which really is like polyamorous relationship. Everyone is happy when a new fusion is formed, because fusions are beautiful and unique. The birth of Smokey Quartz doesn’t make Stevonnie any less special.

In fact we as fans are always looking forward to seeing new fusions, because new fusions almost always means new growth, new exploration and strengthened relationships. And I think for people who are poly, that’s why we choose to be poly.

We all want to find new fusion forms that we can have and we are excited if our partners unlock new fusion forms, or maybe we can even ALL become ONE awesome fusion form like alexandrite.

Your ability to fuse with one person doesn’t take away your ability to fuse with another. Like..Just because Garnet can form Sardonix doesn’t mean she can’t form Sugilite anymore. That other fusion will ALWAYS exist, unless the two people decide to fall out of sync and refuse to fuse. AKA unwillingness to be in a relationship/be understanding of each other anymore.

Fusion can only be performed when two parties ACCEPT each other, it’s not becoming the same, but embracing differences and similarities. It’s love.

I guess relationships are a spectrum too, even friendships have types, and romantic relationships have types, and we have those that are inbetween each type…

Just like in SU, where fusions is not the be all end all of the show, and what really truly matters is..life, in all its aspects, relationships isn’t the be all end all, sole direction for growth and exploration. We don’t..go around specifically just trying to see how many fusions we can make, we live life and people come along and some people are fusion-able and that’s great.

I subscribe to polyamory because it is the mindset of abundance, that you CAN have more and it’s okay and GOOD to have MORE. Because there’s abundance. You aren’t limited to a certain number of friendships or relationships, you can have as many as you want and need. And..it’s nice to fill your life up with meaningful things and experiences.

What we DO need to be careful of is to not become like Malachite, a fusion for the sake of fusion. Actually, to not become like Jasper. And just wanting to fuse with any random thing..for the sake of achieving something.

There’s no competition about how many forms you can unlock or if you have any at all. What’s important is treasuring and understanding the meaning behind each fusion you have in your life and being content with your life..doing your best to live it well.

The world is a big place and life is as big as it is small.


Every relationship is a fusion

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