Why I want to be a mother 

Most people don’t want kids. 

I do. 

I want to be a mother. 

And my reason is incredibly self-serving. 

It’s not for populating the world or continued existence for mankind or even that I think I’ll make a great mother. 

I admire mothers.  

I feel like women, when they become mothers, become something else entirely. 

There’s a strength that mothers have that i just admire. 

“They should come and talk you your mother.” There was such a line in Sarah’s poem and it’s so powerful to me. 

When you become a mother you have rights.

Actually that’s not the right word. It’s not that you have rights but that you give yourself such rights.  

Motherhood to me empowers a woman. She’s now responsible for a tiny human’s life. She will fight tooth and nail to protect that life, stand up to world even if necessary. 

Nothing stands between a mother and her child. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re the president or just a janitor.  The status of ‘mother’ is absolute. 

I doubt mothers really feel that way.  But the fact that they’ll act as guardians no matter the circumstances of their children  regardless of how they feel about themselves.

That’s powerful. That’s something I admire.  

Mothers, to me, have the most unconditional love in the world. 

So I want to be a mother, to be someone like that and be such a person to another life. 

It’s selfish. But I want to be a mother. 

Why I want to be a mother 

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