Lets hammer this out

ps: picking apart the problems..is tiring. and having thoughts about your thoughts..even more so. 

  1. Abandonment issues

    Once resolved there’ll be more stability in the relationship. See the psychotherapist about it. We are halfway there but yes, we really really want to get over this.I want to lift a freaking car and smash it to the ground. IT FRUSTRATES ME.

    But we will solve it.
    We will. *DETERMINED LOOK*

  2. Build trust and positive experience in the relationship.

    Whatever we say about experiences…right now the relationship emotional bank account is not that high. We need to put in more deposits. How? Making more effort and setting days. But really, I can’t do it alone. We need to communicate more, about positive stuff. I’m SORRY. (No I’m not.) but healthy relationships, like a healthy lifestyle takes discipline.

  3. Make time to talk about the above. (letter is written) on Saturday.


Lets hammer this out

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