You are an experience, make sure you’re a good one 

​A relationship is an experience. Not a product.  A person is an experience, growing changing and never the same.

You’re with the person and the history and future of them, and growing with them. 

You can become a better or a worse experience.  Best part about experiences is that there are good moments and bad moments. But the bad moments give rise to the good. And you have the power to be a good experience or bad experience at any time. Bad moments teach, good moments give you joy…and they all build up and become an even richer experience…that will only get exponentially richer, deeper more interesting.  You’ll have so much to look back on
And so if you measure something so amazing with just “good traits and bad.  Oh like this and don’t like that. Person is awesome or not…”, I could currently be the shitty part of chapter or a movie, a part that makes you uncomfortable.  But you’ll ride it out and watch it because the movie or story is compelling, you love it

And at the end of the day, love has no explanation. It just is. If you love you can forgive and accept even the worst.
Love is above rulers used the measure like and dislike. Like a measuring scale. Love is complicated and qualitative and not quantitative.

I’m glad I learnt this today. 

You are an experience, make sure you’re a good one 

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