The meaning of life 

​We seek meaning, we are hardwired to do so. Does it mean that a human must do something meaningful or purposeful to stay alive or be worthy or living? No. You are alive. You just are. You don’t need to justify your existence with meaning.  You don’t need worth to live or exist. Our brains just refuse to believe that. So we find and designate meaning for ourselves.  Worth is meaning. How worthy your are is how meaningful you live your life. But know that meaning is defined by you and that worth is designated by you. Meaning is worth to oneself. You can worth differently to others who use different rulers to make sense of life. Just remember it’s okay to only want to live and survive normally because meaning and worth? Its all a construct. You just won’t feel terribly fulfilled because our brains are wired that way, superfluous neurons and all.  Perhaps the key to finding new ways of life is to look at what is needed for a human you survive, all the different and non-conforming ways to fulfill those and the build on top of it with meaning.  You don’t necessarily need a job to fulfill food and shelter needs. If you can a caveman and survive well, maybe build on that and see what life you end up living as long as you’re fulfilling personal needs

The meaning of life 

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