Just gonna keep this short.  

It’s great that I always want to be true and the best version of myself. 

But it’s not good to fixate on being the pure light version of me. Or fixate on confronting and fixing every negative thoughts and emotion.  

It’s important to give yourself time to rest recharge.  

Just improtant to balance: 

  • Time to fix!!!! 
  • Acceptance 
  • Cannot deal recharging

And that what I learnt today. I like who I am. And I just need to be me and I think I’ll always be improving.  

Not going to fixate on being perfect though.   I think what’s improtant is just knowing your flaws, accepting them and knowing how to manage them. 

And also managing your strengths. And protecting your real self (haha aka the sky scorpio going into fuck the world mode because my ‘real self’ is too love the world). 

So for the next few days? Take it easy. Do happy stuff, or slack, or work. We can blog but I think chill on the negative emotions hammering and just not be afraid to feel them? They make me uncomfortable but just feel them naturally and not…rush through it. It’s not bad, but rushing makes it tiring

 Emotion sometimes…healing of any sort emotional or physical just takes time. Give myself that.  =D 


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