Now we know it’s possible to over-consume. Consume too much sugar, too much meats, heck there’s even such a thing as drinking too much water.

But until the boom of internet and content, I’ve personally never felt the exhaustion of overconsuming content.

So my question is: Is it possible to overconsume content?

Is there such a thing as reading too many articles and watching too many videos?

I think the answer is yes.

Our brain can only process so much in a day. But suddenly the voices of so many brilliant people are out there are made IMMEDIATELY available to us all day every day 24/7. There’s no break, no rest, no digestion.

Boot-camps ALL THE TIME, new TED videos every day, new articles on Medium, Fast company, you name it.

It’s exhausting and frankly I’m not feeling any smarter.

I sometimes wonder if I retain anything.

My bookmarked list and saved links are longer than the pokedex (as in the latest one).

I guess that’s why the C word (cough Curate cough) is such a big deal now.

We just want someone to filter out everything and tell us what is good, what to read and what we need to know so the brain nutrients out there is a little more manageable.

Because, while the books end, the internet will never stop growing. And reading a book without an ending is more tiring than you’d think.


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