Just rants in life 

I thought I ought to put my thoughts down. 

It’s been a period of emoness and anxiety. 

And well, I think the most important question to ask myself right now is: 

Do I hate who I am? 

Self hate is the source for more than  90%of my issues (#depressionproblems)

So is that the cause right now? 



I like myself very much. 

And looking back, what I need to work on right now is giving myself more time.  

I’m tied to more people now. More people to please. 

As an infj, serving others is built into me but life has sort of beaten me into an infj who only wants to give love to those close to me. My capacity to love and serve is..not very big. 

But I’ve definitely got more people to accommodate in life now. 

And that means cutting the time I had for myself, the freedom I had. 

And a caged chocomon is a dangerous chocomon.  

Freedom is important to me. 

And accommodating people, while it is a need in my personality, doesn’t recharge me. It’s a need, not a want. 

I’ve managed that need by keeping my circles small and personal time aplenty. Solitude has allowed me breathing space and a good balance between being there for others and charging myself.  

With pebbi moving in, I do believe that the most immediate solutions to things in life at the moment is: 

  • Above and beyond all, take a 4 day MHD.  
  • Allocate strict personal time boundaries. Designate personal/MHD days. 

Otherwise I actually am planning my life and times and executing them out accordingly and im very proud of myself for that .

So it’s important to remember that im proud of myself and I have amazing people around me…and focus on me. 

Life is not a competition *tuna slaps self* 

Just rants in life 

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