Ha , last post.

Last post for tonight promise.

If I chose to hold on to grudge for every single time people who promised to be there weren’t, to be disappointed and lose faith every time someone around me let me down…I’ll probably end up hating the world and setting it on fire.

But I choose not to.

I’d rather choose to feel hurt for a little bit but understand that people are trying, they’ve tried THEIR best, and if it’s not what I needed…at least they tried. Because if I think otherwise, the world would be too sad. Life will be too sad.

I don’t want life to be sad.

Life is beautiful and amazing, even despite all its flaws, pain, suffering and betrayal.

There are beautiful moments.

Appreciate the world for the good, accept the bad and try to make less bad in this world while contributing to the good.

That’s all we can do.

So even as a person with depression, I still dare say, I’m happy with my life, I’m happy to BE alive.

Ha , last post.

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