Lets do this

I frankly have no points right now.

But if I don’t do it now and get it out of my system it will fester.

So lets get this over with.


Okay so not mistakes, more like things I haven’t been doing well.

Yea, facing your flaws. How fun.

But it is necessary.

Be brutal with yourself.

  • Laundry, haven’t been doing it well!
  • Yoga and Ritual twice a week each. Getting there, could be better
  • Following up with Coursera and readings
  • Cooking: no more mood lately..should try to get back into it
  • Planning better family days

Okay so it’s not  THAT bad.

Just need to….I HAVE NO CLUE. Just get your shit together.


I need my fish slaps.

Lets do this

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