Mixed up

My English is a strange blend of American and British English. Both in terms of vocabulary and accent.

So sue me, I grew up in an ex-british colony rife with American media and went to an international school with classmates and teachers speaking all sorts of English.

You’d think that my Chinese wouldn’t be so mixed up.

You’d have thought wrong.

My Chinese isn’t much better.

I grew up with a Taiwanese mother in a country that teaches Chinese from China. And I also took 7 years of Japanese.

British and American spelling has nothing on how frequently I mix up traditional and simplified characters (and kanji). And slangs, oh lord.

I at least know where the slangs I use in English come from, in mandarin, cause I hardly converse to people my own age, I know either really old slangs or pick up slangs from everywhere and have no idea where they come from.

And let’s not even go to my accent. I have a pretty standard, if not mildly Taiwanese sounding accent but…my choice of pronunciation is Chinese and it’s such a confused mess sometimes I wonder if I can even call mandarin my mother tongue.

It’s not exactly a complaint though.

Just…i’m a great example of what happens when language meets globalization.

Mixed up

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