Musing from my stomach

So the latest discovery in what I can and cannot eat…


turns out my tummy is agreeable with salty stuff. It’s the sugars that kills it. Hence even honey water leads to some pain. I’m starting to wonder that maybe tomato is okay for me….but let’s risk it later in the healing process.

So bought lots of jams today. and going to start myself on meats and juices, I finally feel like I have energy. My lord. Thank Ra.


Juice is fine, without ginger is probably preferred but I’LL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET!

Turns out I can take Acai because it’s alkaline and not acidic…so…YAY SMOOTHIES!

And man the internet is a dangerous place, I’ve decided to NOT avoid tomatoes. I’m not about to gobble them, but the acidity level looks…reasonable.

Anyways, what I really wanted to write is that I think I’m gonna start carrying around sandwich baggies of bread with different jams in it now that I have banana cocoa sea salt spread, apple jam, fig jam, forest berry jam and honey spread (MAN it’s dangerous).

I’m really going to become doraemon at this rate. Pulling everything out of my bag.

I really should invest in that scooter then.


Musing from my stomach

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