Sanity check

Hi blog.

I’m close to going insane.

I just really need to rant.

Nothing’s wrong with my life, you’d be glad to know.

Just…as the go to person for everyone else….well

I feel like I’m of no help on one hand and on the other, I end up bottling so much of things I want to say.

Not bad things, just things I need to talk about to get them off my chest.

But how can I when:

  • My brother is dealing with major family crisis
  • My twin from another mother is freaking out over her masters application
  • My aromate is dying from moving house and isn’t even contactable
  • My mom is barely dealing with her day

And well, that’s pretty much the circle of people I CAN talk to. There are other but they’re either un-contactable or inappropriate to talk to.

It’s stupid because I’m doing well, so my ‘issues’, if they can even be called that, aren’t even issues. I can’t very well be putting it on everyone else.

I’m not feeling grudge or anything, just…worried that this will drive me into depression and I can’t be there for everyone.

But I suppose…I shouldn’t even be surprised, my support system has always had the habit of shutting down completely on me and end up all relying on me to be the immediate support system AT THE SAME TIME.

My past 48 hours have literally been:

-Counsel depression

-Deal with mom’s issues

-Comfort brother

I just need to rant to reset the counter.

Well i guess I just did…back to the grind.

Sanity check

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