If you’re scratching your head cluelessly, you’re not alone

The few times I still read allkpop articles anymore and it’s got to be another drama unfolding.

So if you haven’t heard, apparently there’s a fanwar going on with regards to iKON’s new lightstick color clashing with Shinhwa’s fandom color.

Except after looking at pictures and such, I honestly don’t know WHY this whole thing was even started, and for those who are trying to say ‘blame YG and not iKON’, for once, I think YG’s probably as confused as the next person.

I think it was obvious that iKON was going to use red as their lightstick color, at least for this promotion. And then cassies threw a fuss. So here we have YG silently respecting that and probably going all “Okay guys, we need a new color”, and went through like a color book and went all, “Hey look! Blood orange! I think we’ll be safe choosing this color. It’s a different shade of red, still fits iKON’s concept. YAY.”

Except, now it’s no-yay because members of Shinhwa themselves have decided to go onto social media and unintentionally start a fanwar.

As unreasonable as I personally find the fact that a band just monopolized ALL the shades of one color for their fandom, what I find most ridiculous in this case is that IKON’S LIGHTSTICKS HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN LIT UP YET.

They are literally comparing promotional photos and artist renditions of what the lighstick looks like to Shinhwa’s fandom color.

No one has actually taken a konbat and Shinhwa’s balloons and lighsticks, lined them up side by side UNDER THE SAME LIGHTING and took photos while they’re lit and turned off.

Which means to say you can’t even be sure if the color is actually clashing. It’s just that currently, in CERTAIN lighting, the color looks somewhat similar.

There the YG staff were, feeling all relieved that they found a shade of red that cassies can’t kick up a fuss about and now someone else is throwing a fuss.

But we all knew that there’s no winning this for iKON and YG, they could have chosen ANY color and one fandom would act up. Because there are only so many colors in the world.

Of course, as some people have pointed out, they could have come up with some combination of color to avoid all this…in which case I’d like to point out that in case you guys haven’t noticed, YG entertainment does release different versions of lighsticks, this may not even be the final version. 2NE1 went from white to pink. It happens. God knows, maybe at their next comeback they’ll have a new concept and decide on grey or something.

Furthermore, as someone who has to work on designs every now and then, I can understand the desire to not want to compromise your design when it’s perfect and the konbat, from color to design is perfect for iKON.

Moral of the story? The poor kids are just gonna get bashed for whatever. May the force be with them.

If you’re scratching your head cluelessly, you’re not alone

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