Owning it

I’ve been confused.

What about?


It’s so hard these days.

Media is under fire for sexually objectifying women.

I totally agree that we need less sexualized female figures in media.


Do we need less objectification?



But, suddenly being sexy is equivalent to being against feminism and gender equality, and that bugs me.

Like the line between slut shaming and feminism is so fine these days I almost wish genders didn’t exist.

Is it a crime for a woman to dress up, feel pretty, feel sexy and BE sexy if she WANTS to?

It’s wrong for women to feel like they are obliged to look a certain way.

Women shouldn’t feel like failures if they AREN’T sexy according to some arbitrary beauty standards, but women also shouldn’t feel like failures for wanting to be sexy.

I know that looks aren’t everything, but that’s like saying because looks aren’t everything, you must be a superficial and shallow person if you like to wear nice clothes and make yourself look aesthetically pleasing.

Because feminism is still finding its way, I think women are still finding a way to embrace their sexuality while showing society that they’re more than their looks.

It’s fine line to toe, it’s difficult to toe this line.

But if we don’t work something out, I think women would just be swapping one cage for another.

And I know that stuff are being done. Feminist movements are happening on all spectrums of society…

But it doesn’t make it any less confusing, and for the time being, being sexy is still widely considered as being trashy and unintelligent.

Owning it

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