Good enough

What is good enough?

I find my biggest struggle in life these days to be wondering if I’m good enough or qualified enough.

When I was younger, I often thought that certificates and degrees will make me feel qualified enough. But truth is, they don’t.

As a Jack of all trades (and by that I mean really almost all trades, from cooking to proposal writing), I find that there are tons of jobs out there that I COULD do but I never know if I’m qualified enough for it. Because there’s always going to be someone more skilled than you.

Of course, the only reason why non-specialized people even have work is because clients want to balance cost and skill. The more professional someone is, the more expensive they’d be.

Still, unlike in games, where there’s a specification saying : ‘STR must be at least 30 to take this quest’, in the real world there isn’t a line for you to check if you’re qualified enough.

Experience is one thing, but an amateur photographer with 20 gigs under their belt may still not be professional enough. at the end of the day, a lot of it is talent and perseverance.

So I say again, what is good enough?

Good enough

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