Dream epiphany

Mind you, this is all logic I already knew, but it seemed like my subconscious mind didn’t agree with me.

Your mistakes and flaws don’t define you. Nobody’s perfect, we are all going to screw up some time. Apologize and make a change for the better, it is that simple. Who you are doesnt have to be who you will be, people can change. Embrace your mistakes and move on.

I currently am so full of self-love and self-forgiveness that when I think about the stuff I usually hate on myself about (not achieving things, not finishing this and that, not having perfect temper etc.) I literally am unable to muster up any anger or self-loathing. I’m just like…understanding and going “all people have that”. Its a weird feeling (but good).

I also don’t care what people think about me right now. I am stronger than that. My own approval matters the most. Sorry this is all just rambles now…

But yea, yay for cathartic dreams.

Dream epiphany

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