Ironies in life

So I just finished my epic life-planning and I thought I’d just rant a little about the ironies in life.

A few years back my mom told me that she’d back me to open my own company.

I adamantly refused, actually till now, I still don’t want to start my own start-up and become an entrepreneur.

I don’t feel like I’m ready to actually run a company.

I still feel that way.

But what IS ironic is that I dropped out and my life-plan basically involves self-study, travel and…doing my own projects; the latter is pretty much starting my own company all but in name.

I’ve more or less decided to start my own social enterprise that is operationally event-based to to events and projects every year to gain experience and learn. Because…well it’s more realistic than school in my opinion and you’re out here making a difference even when you fail.

… I’m essentially doing a start-up but not doing a start-up/

Just found it quite ironic how for all intents and purposes I’m doing what I said I wouldn’t.

Honestly, I still don’t see the two as one and the same in terms of objectives.

If I started my own company in earnest, it’ll be a full-time commitment thing that is doing this to succeed and to actually WORK.

In this case, this entity I’m starting is kinda like PMS, more freelance/ad-hoc and for the purpose of failing to learn.

So I guess operationally and intention wise it’s not the same.

But on the surface…it’s still kinda the same…so…yup, ironies in life!

Now back to calculating costs for trip.

Ironies in life

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