Jurassic World review/rant *spoiler warning*


So I just finished re-watching Jurassic World.

I’m going to come flat-out and say it isn’t better than Jurassic Park.

But that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

It’s a pretty good movie.

To sum up Jurassic World. I’d say that it’s:

  • Standing on the shoulders of Jurassic Park
  • A very well-produced series of bad decisions

I think the first thing a person who is going to watch Jurassic World needs to know is that it’s very very different from Jurassic Park.

I mean, the name should have clued you in.

It’s not trying to be another Jurassic Park movie. It’s Jurassic WORLD.

It’s probably a good thing too, because Jurassic Park is a tough act to follow.

As an avid fangirl, I’ve rewatched Jurassic Park at least 4 times over the years. It is my favourite movie of all-time.

I watched Jurassic World twice, and twice is probably as many times as I’d watch it.

Don’t bother watching Jurassic World if you’re looking for a thriller, it isn’t one, it makes several good attempts, but honestly it’s not a monster thriller movie.

Also don’t bother watching Jurassic World for its acting or human relationships, or even plot.

Having said all that, it IS a pretty good movie.

If that sounds weird, it’s because Jurassic World is basically an ode to Jurassic Park. It’s success is literally built on the shoulders of the classic first movie. It’s good because of all the references in makes to the first movie, it’s depth stems from all relationships and expectations we have already built with dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park franchise and totally turns in it its head.

Jurassic World is good because it is different from Jurassic Park, but it being different is only good because it IS a sequel to Jurassic Park.

So…I’ve held off sharing spoilers as much as humanly possible…I guess now it’s time to start.

You will find many nostalgic things in the movie.

You will get a glimpse of the old park, references to the adventures the first two kids had in the old park. From being crushed by a huge dinosaur under the park’s vehicle, to some brave soul leading the t-rex away with a flare.

You will also see many of the old dinosaurs and some new ones.

In fact the dinosaurs are all better actors than the actual human actors themselves..and I’m not too sure how I feel about that. Jurassic World humanizes the dinosaurs much more than Jurassic Park, as you can probably tell with our favourite scare-factor, the raptors, suddenly batting for the protagonist’s team.

It’s as sad as it is nice. Our favourite raptors and T-rex are suddenly the good guys, and it feels RIGHT for them to be the ‘good guys’ for once because they came first, they’re closer to our heart than this new upstart of a genetically modified hybrid. But at the same time, you miss all the thrill the raptors and T-rex give. Like I said, it’s not something you expect from Jurassic Park, therefore it works, because it’s novel. But frankly, the Indominus isn’t very scary. It doesn’t strike fear the same way the raptors did in all the past franchise.

The favourite part of any fan though is probably seeing the park, functioning, with HAPPY dinosaurs running everywhere and the iconic Jurassic music playing in the background. That scene at the start almost brought tears to my eyes. It’s that same magic all over again, except in 3D and HD.

Oh and lets not forget the dinosaur action. Because, compared to all the past movies, this one has the most dinosaur fighting action. So much so that I actually thought that opening a Colosseum and pitting dinosaurs against each other can be rather profitable. I mean, really, nothing is as epic as a bunch of dinosaurs trying to rip each other’s throats out.

So…basically Jurassic World is epic in completely different ways from Jurassic Park.

This might upset some people, but for me..well it’s a notion I can respect.

Hell, in fact, compared to Jurassic Park 2 and 3, Jurassic World is a very very good sequel to the franchise, minus some glaring but overall acceptable flaws.

Jurassic World knows it can’t outdo Jurassic Park, and so it doesn’t try to.

And that’s exactly where it got it right.

Jurassic World review/rant *spoiler warning*

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