Two discoveries

So today I made two discoveries…well not really discoveries but two things that I’ve sort of always subconsciously knew came to the forefront and sorta clicked.

The first!

The difference between breathing from your chest and breathing from your diaphragm. Learning systema means awareness about my breathing is a huge part of my life now. So what I discovered today is that breathing from your chest helps align your spine and that in turn helps you breathe stay strong. BUT, if your chest is not aligned, or you’re in a position where you can’t align your spine, breathing from your diaphragm allows you to still have a strong breathe. Interesting isn’t it? (PS: I figured this out when trying to do deep breathing while on my massage chair).


Staying home might be good for depression.

Scratch that ,staying home IS good for depression. (Terms and conditions apply)

You know how people always say you need to get out more, have a life, keep busy and stay active to battle depression.

Honestly, as someone whose managed to get out of depression (I actually prefer the term manage depression), this is me telling you that’s only partially true.

Yes it’s important to fill your life up with little productive things to do and have some structure.

But that doesn’t always mean going out.

In fact, going out and all that might actually be somewhat detrimental.

Here’s the deal, depression is kinda like an allergy. There are triggers that will worse/set off a someone’s depression. Unless your immune system is up and running in mint condition, then you should stay away from the allergens. Same with people recovering from depression/battling depression. If you’re healing from your depression, the LAST thing you should do is to surround yourself with your triggers.

The best way to to stay away from the triggers is to create a stable, safe environment where you can focus on healing and reflection and little productive, happy things. Many at times, for many people that means STAYING HOME.

It doesn’t mean depressed people should become reclusive, but spending more time at home, in a stable, safe and stress free environment is better for healing depression than going out into the stressful, noisy world. There are times where all that excitement outside is good, but the recovery stage is not the time and place for it.

When a depressed person is ready to go out, they’ll go out.

Even more important to note is that, if the depressed person seems okay/good/normal/stable, doesn’t mean it’s time to push them to go out. It just means they’ve progressed to a point whereby they can be stable and happy in a QUIET, STABLE AND SAFE ENVIRONMENT. It’ll still be some time till they can go out and romp around with the rest of the crazy world.

Let emo people have their damn space!



Two discoveries

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