I went out braless and no one gave a shit

I don’t have much in the boobs department, I’ve made peace with that a long time ago.

Small boobs have their own advantages as well (and so the internet will try to tell you).

One of which is the freedom to not wear a bra.

Now, when the web tells you people with small boobs don’t need bras, they’re not being exactly truthful.

We don’t need it for support.

But we do need it if we want to have boobs.

That and also to not be obscene, with nipples sticking out of our shirts.

But yes, nearly all females will tell you that we hate bras.

They’re constricting and uncomfortable and if not for the fact that we need to wear it, be it for the sake of courtesy or physical support, we wouldn’t.

So recently, I was all, ‘one of the major advantages or having small boobs is that we can get away with not wearing bras’, hence I decided to capitalize on this perk.

I went and bought pasties and on Monday, finally left the house, free of the contraption known as a bra.

Before I even stepped out of the house, I already had a million and one concerns.

Do I look alright?

Do I look completely flat?

Is this shirt too thin?

Is anyone going to know I’m not wearing a bra?

I finally settled on a shirt which looked horrible when I do wear a bra and got my ass out of the house.

At first I was extremely self-conscious, but no one acted weird around me.

Then I got to school…and everyone still acted exactly the same as they do every other day.

Then class started and I actually had to do work and use my brain…and soon I forgot all about my braless state.

In fact, after class ended, I was so tired that all I wanted to do was to go home and sleep; I didn’t even remember I was without a bra until my bag jostled my boob when swung it off on the bus.

It was really anti-climatic really.

I got home, changed into my home clothes (faster than I usually did because I didn’t have to take off my bra) and came to one conclusion.

I went out braless and nobody gave a shit.

Not even me.

I guess maybe if I wore something revealing or with a plunging neckline then maybe someone would give a shit.

But yea, unless you look obscene, no one is going to notice, much less care.

Because everyone has better things in life to worry about than your boobs and bra, yourself included.

Some people say it’s a very liberating experience, and it really reassures you about your sexuality and femininity…

Honestly though, it just feels like every other day, except I got to go about it without elastics around my rib-cage.

Revolutionary isn’t it?

I went out braless and no one gave a shit

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