Strength or weakness

I don’t really know where to start.

So many things unrelated but related at the same time.

What is strength?

People have assumed that emotions are a weakness.

It’s how we perceive it, people who are sensitive, who are emotional, who let their emotions control them are weak.

I used to be one of those people, but these days I feel like being emotional is a strength.

Most forms of strength are double-edged swords.

Most things in life are double-edged swords.

You can’t be strong without being weak.

Strength can’t be constituted without weakness.

Emotional people are sensitive, but that means they’re sympathetic.

Women tend to be more emotional than men.

And although this means that they can be rash, make irrational choices, it also means that once they’re emotionally driven to do something, nothing can stop them.

Because as ‘weak’ as emotions are, they’re powerful motivators.

Humans, with our great big brains and logic, will ultimately, in the face of strong enough emotions, make choices that defy those logic.

It is also why time and time again, throughout the course of history, we have surprised ourselves as a species, made discoveries and inventions that no one thought was possible.

Emotions defy logic, and whilst normally that’s a bad thing, in dire circumstances, that’s a game-changer, a force-multiplier.

Because of emotions, we can do the impossible.

So when people try to shirk their emotions, resist their emotional side, aspire to become unemotional, logical and in control, I often wonder if they know that they’re throwing away a gift.

With great power comes great responsibility, I think that’s why it’s so tiring to be someone who is emotional.

But what emotional people should do is not to rid themselves of their emotional impulses, but learn to control them.

You simultaneously be a logical person and emotional.

I am an emotional person, and it’s not that I don’t let my emotions get the better of me, it’s just that when my emotions come, I lock myself inside my safe box so I won’t do anything stupid and then let my rational brain take over after it’s subsided. Of course, I’ve learnt how to just have my rational brain do a hostile take over on my emotional side, something some people envy because they want an emotional off-switch. But there are days where I wonder, the easier it is for my to switch my emotions off, the harder it is to flip that switch back on. Well, this is just another of those things in life I’ll need to learn to balance, and that’s a whole other post.

Bottom line is, having emotions isn’t a weakness.

At times it’s a disadvantage, but something so powerful needs to be kept in check.

I just wish people would treasure this gift for what it is, a gift.

If a heart had no purpose, we wouldn’t have been born with it.

And going off tangent right here.

The ability to love, to care, to be gentle, to forgive…those aren’t weaknesses.

Sadly the world has thrown so much trials and tribulations at these caring, gentle souls, till they loath their own gift and choose to don armors of unfeelingness to protect themselves.

Very few, a very select few, eventually overcome this stage to pick up this gift of theirs and bear the pain and suffering of their power.

As someone who isn’t born with this universal saint-gene (as I’d like to call it), it scares me every time I see someone with great love and emotions descend into the abyss of self-hate because it worries me that one day all the truly kind and righteous souls would kill themselves off and we’d be left with nothing but cynics in the world.

People like us, we aren’t to be admired. We exist to protect and guard the saints who bring solace to the world.

Yet when these wonderful people find their own emotions stupid and descend into self-hate, I can’t find the right words to tell them that this pain and suffering is part of what makes them beautiful and amazing.

How do you tell someone who is in pain that their pain constitutes their strength and gift.

No one likes to be in pain.

It takes some serious ascending to accept the pain, love it, for the good things, the balance it brings.

People rave about how retarded Willow and Jaden Smith’s interview was. I beg to differ.

They understand somethings that most people don’t.

Philosophies that most people who are too caught up with the trivialities of day to day life don’t see and don’t understand.

I know it’s what keeps the world in balance; how those with great power in the world are misunderstood as weak and those with great wisdom and intellect are misunderstood as crazy and dumb…but as a guardian (oh woes of an INFJ), it’s frustrating.

But I suppose that’s my uphill battle.

We all have one.

If we didn’t, there’d be no life.

Well that’s enough wise cactus philosophy for one day, back to being a chocomon.

Strength or weakness

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