Uploading cactus wisdom

Like how my fellow flareonsheenicorn goes apeshit when women gets objectified, I get angry when people have extremist reactions.

And I swear my reason is a lot more logical.

This is where war comes from, this is where hate comes from.

You have an extreme averse reaction to the depravity that is present in all human minds and start hating them, they’ll simply react back with hate. And when the answer is ‘I’ll just kill the rest of them’, well then in the bigger picture, there will be others on the same side as you wondering why they’re killing others over such a small reason and then killing under a different banner will start and the world just ascends into chaos.

Of course, what really upsets me most is that in my dear friend’s fit of anger, which really is just her emotional response which she can’t reign in, she feels that she’s just ranting and once her rage subsides, everything drops.

The deeper picture of how her anger contributes to the greater cycle of hate is lost to her.

And here I am just being brought down by the fact that yet another person has decided to add to the hate pile of the world, FOR NO GOOD REASON.

I’m not angry though, just sad.

And tired.

Because I really can’t be fucked about all the other ignorant bastards out there until they come piss on my backyard. Yes someone needs to stand up for what’s right, but what does unleashing all the anger indirectly onto do for the situation besides curb your anger?

Go to the forefront and stand up for what’s right.

What’s important is having rational voices to balance out for what’s right.

Deep down, those who can listen will listen, and there are more of them than you think.

I don’t really know what bothers me more, the fact that despite all that anger there’s only pessimism for the world (completely ignoring the efforts of the people fighting the good fight, stubbornly believing that the bad prevails), or that there’ll be no constructive action following the anger, or the obstinate resistance against listening to reason and accepting that bad can’t be eradicated from the world, only managed.

In short, I wish I could just upload wise cactus wisdom onto people they care about so that they can all be happy.

You don’t understand why people can’t see other people are humans too?

I don’t understand why you chose anger over all the other positive constructive emotions.

Thanks for adding to the pile of growing anger and sadness in the world. *sigh*

And i’ll end it right here before this post becomes a full on depression rant.

The sun will rise again tomorrow morning and the day after that.

Uploading cactus wisdom

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