Not even depression

If it was depression, I know how to deal with it.

This isn’t.

This is…

Okay lets be rational and talk about the resulting problems.

I can’t be fucked to do anything.

It’s not a matter of attitude, I want to do things, I’m in the mood.

Just physically, my brain shuts down.

So I guess it’s stress.

My head feels like a thousand pounds, my eyes are sore and most importantly, I’m sleepy as hell.

Oh and my shoulder…I basically have two blocks of cements for shoulders.

Okay, I’m physically exhausted.

On the other end, my mind is all “WE NEED TO DO <insert a million things>”

Currently at the top is school work, translation work and my stories,

I love my readers so much, they motivate me,..but my body is just like, ‘we can’t’.

I hear you body, it’s PR class right now and my brain is pounding so much that it doesn’t even wanna take notes. My eyes are closing on me.

High quality sleep…*looks longingly*

Not even depression

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