Not a happy trooper

Yes it’s a ranty post.

See I just want my immediate social circle to be happy, mind you my immediate social circle consists of 7 people, so It’s not exactly hard.

And if it is impossible for them to all magically have no problems in life, can they either:
1. Find a new place to bitch for one day
2. Not find problems in life for one day
3. Learn to appreciate the good and accept the bad.

Like I get it, I really do, but whiners piss me off. like yes, there are negative things in life. when will you get over yourself, does it make you feel better dumping all your negative emotions on me? What has it fixed/achieved? And it just feels like people are looking for reasons to be upset and Pissed off and like, why guys, why.

Like yes, I enjoy being a positive energy generator but I’m out of order because like, dude, you don’t abuse the generator for small things in life. Your computer breaking down at work and retarded assholes in life don’t count.the world doesn’t revolve around you, now go out there and be happy already.

It feels like you’re shoving a million and one good things in their faces and they insist on the bad.

I have no energy, I have a Shit ton of work, I am hungry, I am sleepy, I just wanna drop off the grid and retreat into the hermit cave. Like I don’t need perpetually unhappy people in my life.


I’m just out of EP and hungry. And I’m about to be a panda, that is the epitome of all happiness.


Not a happy trooper

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