Life is like an RPG game

Right on, blogging in class, you go Chocomon!

So today we’re talking about how life is exactly like an RPG game.

CVs and resumes, everybody has one, it’s crucial in helping you get jobs.

So here’s the game of life.

Key stages in your career are the boss fights, daily grind is exactly that, grinding.

Your Resume and CV and skills are your armour and skills.

So coming out of high school into college, your CV is probably as padded as it can be at that stage (for that map/region).

Then you realize, after finishing college, you are finally elevated to a new map!

Of course as with all new maps there’s that new quest/cave with the new boss.

You take out your maxed out equipment (CV) and doesn’t really count for much.

So it’s back to using your smarts and guts!

Somehow you magically beat the boss with sheer ingenuity.


In real life of course, it is, with sheer dumb luck or an outstanding cover letter, you got a new job, that’s a new mark on your CV (which now is a blank slate, don’t lie, we all sell our useless armour for more money!)….as part of the daily grind you learn new skills, take on new projects..

AND you realize one day you have a new CV!

And it’s time for you to challenge higher positions in your career.

You get the procedure.

So yea, life IS like an RPG game.

Game seriously, live seriously.

*Note: Serious as in remember to have fun and enjoy and be humorous.

Life is like an RPG game

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