Ward of the State

Society has long since decided that we as children, should be used as report booklets for our parents’ parenting skills.

Part of the reason, besides love, as to why our parents put in so much effort into raising us and making us presentable is so that we reflect well on themselves.

So, wards of the state, aka orphans, being the children of the state should reflect the state, no?

In which case, the state is a horrible parent.

You want to know what I think?

Being an orphan isn’t something to be happy about, but the state should do their damnest best to make sure that everyone wished they were wards of the state because they’re so well-taken care of.

It makes no sense, that the government’s own children aren’t being groomed into leaders of tomorrow.

Logically, why aren’t they!?

Children are our future, they are the future leaders.

Now instead of solely relying on the educational system and the whim of parents, the state has complete and utter say in the wards’ lives.

If there was ever a time where you had the perfect condition to nurture the perfect leaders of the next generation, this would be it.

But no, instead our wards of the state are put up in the shabbiest of housing, the worst of the schools with a struggling number of staff to care for them.

I find it despairing that just because these kids are, for one reason or another, without parents, that they were denied a chance at making something of themselves.

And by right, they SHOULD have all the resources, why don’t they!?

The freaking government is their parents.

And mind you we have one of the richest governments in the world.

I’m sure there are a million legislative reasons why not more money is put into nurturing these children.

But regardless of reasons, the real question is, aren’t our children worth investing in?

You can say that you’re waiting for them to be adopted into a loving home, but why wait, or why can’t they be given the attention and resources they need to grow before they are adopted?

You can’t honestly say that giving these children opportunities aren’t worth sparing money in other endeavors.

If I had the power, I’d make sure that orphanages are the most comprehensive institutions around.

Children there can learn music, sports, arts and other inspiring activities.

There’d be speeches and books, teachers and mentors who lived and stayed with them, and though they can’t be surrogate parents, at least they’d be the guide-posts in these children’s lives, to help them shine the light on the path to their dreams.

These children will be better taught and taken care of than some of those with families, they will be shown what the world has to offer and be allowed to explore talents and be taught better baseline skills that other parents may not think to teach their children.

Cooking and sewing, cleaning and wood-work, because these children need to be independent.

Swimming and camping, first-aid and self-defense, because these children need to survive and learn to help others survive.

Arts and music, programming and coding, because these children deserve a chance to make a mark in this brave new world.

They of course, will still go to regular school like all the other kids, and while other children go home to moms, dads and siblings, they will go home to a larger family where everyone swaps stories of their days, cooks meals together and take turns reading bed-time stories to the little ones.

Being deprived of parents doesn’t mean one should be deprived of their future, of their opportunities in life.

Make the ward of state a background to be proud of, these children represent our country even more so than those with families.


Ward of the State

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