Where to put it…

There is something severely lacking on CVs and resumes.

Your wisdom.

Being wise isn’t quite the same as being smart.

You don’t earn degrees for being wise.

Being wise is both a matter of experience and a matter of talent.

Some people are simply born with a greater aptitude to discovering wisdom compared to others.

Thing is, there is no where where you can get your level of wisdom certified and plonked onto your resume or CV, as much as you may want to.

Is being wise important in a workplace or in a school though?

The answer?


Being wise makes up for a lot of technical/intellectual short-comings.

Having common sense is much more important than having hundreds of certifications.

After all, what is wisdom if not common sense on steroids?

The benefits of wisdom, of wise people, do not need to be elaborated.

But the problem remains, where do you put ‘wisdom’ on a piece of resume?

You don’t.

And so, the cycle of idiocy continues.

Where to put it…

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