To my future kid

Hi kiddo.


Okay that didn’t come out right.

I’m sorry, you’ve been born.

Most likely without your consent too.

You know all that talk about the meaning of life, your purpose in life and all that good stuff?

Don’t believe a word of it.

You are now born into a world where there is no meaning in human life.

Sorry, there was no prophetic dream telling me why you were born, what was your greater purpose in life etc.

Humans weren’t born for a reason or a purpose.

We just were.

So congratulations, you have now joined several billion other people on the journey of finding a meaning to define your own life.

Yes, you now get to explore and experience the world, meet people, see life, ponder on the meaning of the universe and along the way decide for yourself what is your purpose in life, your dreams, your goals and all that good stuff.

Yup, from now until you die, you gotta find/discover/decide your own meaning in (and of) life.

Good luck.

PS: No, life really isn’t that bad, it’s pretty awesome, and the journey of life is exciting and awesome, I just figured some sarcasm  would be funny because you’re bound to meet a few of those lost souls who find despair in the meaninglessness of life (because apparent they were supposed to be born with contracts stating their purpose in the world) instead of being all excited about being able to dictate who and what they want to be in life. You’re my kid, that alone certifies you as freaking awesome. Go kick ass. I love you!

To my future kid

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