The Happy Mob.

Background information: Due to re-structuring, RE.CO no longer exists.

But you know me, just because there’s no company that wants to start a local community based of positivity ad a lifestyle of fun and all things random, crazy and still strangely productive doesn’t mean I won’t do it myself.

So, without having to call the damn thing RE.CO, I now hereby declare that THE HAPPY MOB is BORN!

So what is The Happy Mob?

The Happy Mob is all about making life happy, because for fuck’s sake, you don’t need a freaking reason to be happy.

Ahem ahem, moving on.

So what will The Happy Mob be doing?

Many things, any thing, mostly legal things.


We will be holding Mob events; these crazy and random events that will spontaneously happen on streets near you and make your day seem happier and funnier because you totally would not expect to see a mascot drive down the road in a convertible.

We will be carrying out amelioration projects (ooo big words); decorate them trains! Make charity fundraising on the street something to look forward to! Improve our convenient stores!

We will also be doing a bunch of other completely random things that we like and see fit, like maybe making our own awesome co-working space, starting a newsletter, an e-shop, making a sharehouse…you know stuff like that.

In all honesty it’s just Chocomon’s evil masterplan to make Singapore more like Japan so she can live a happier life…and spend more of her hard-earned money.

Yea, I’m on the selfish side but at least I’m honest? *shrugs*


The Happy Mob.

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