Wassup Blog!

Here’s a big hug for you for always listening to me rant and whine and bitch.

Anyhow, right now I’m waiting for my photos to be uploaded onto Japan Travel, it is taking for-freaking-ever.

So back to the deal.

No blog, before I start, the ‘ZOMG IM OVERSEAS’ thing hasn’t hit me yet, experience tells me it’ll hit me on my last few days. I’m weird like that.

So back to the story.

I’m currently supposedly (I used supposedly because I don’t feel it yet) on this epic trip around Japan.

I’ve met loads of interesting people, got myself involved in tons of hilarious, strange and engaging experiences…

And I can’t help but feel that coming home to just write an article or two about it is…enough.

On one hand, I am well-aware that I neither have the time, energy, patience or equipment to like make a documentary or anything, but on the other hand, here are all these great places, great people, great STORIES and I want to just do MORE with them than just write reviews for a travelling site.

I just don’t know what.

What more can you do with travels like these?

What’s meaningful and fun and memorable?

My mind was supplying that if I was like making short films for Monocle perhaps I’d find it more meaningful, I only partially agree.

I don’t know, I don’t want it to be some one-sided thing.

There needs to be chemistry, frisson and something special needs to be born.

Okay so my brain just had another epiphany (thank you brain), that if I got the chance to talk to more people behind the places I go to, things I do, I’d feel like there’s…more.

But yes brain, how exactly do I take that more feeling and make something out of it?

Alright, so my mental self just screamed to my brain “I WANT TO TELL STORIES”.

Good job Chocomon, you’re one step closer to self-realization.

As my MPD settles in, the third part of me decided to be snarky and go “Well not shit, that’s why you want to work in themed entertainment.”

Thank you snarky me, I know.

I guess if I ever do something like this again (and I probably will), I just want to make sure that this experience doesn’t go to waste, the stories in it are shared with people and it’s worth something more than just a trip.

Now all I gotta do is figure out what ‘more’ is.


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