Jump the figure-skating bandwagon

I’m not some hard-core fan of figure-skating and seeing as Kim Yuna is the skater who got me to even watch these competitions, it’s safe to say I’m insanely biased.

She didn’t win Gold and I’m bummed.

And I’m not alone.

However the call for investigation over the judging isn’t about the medals, it’s not just about Kim Yuna, it’s also about Caroliner Kostner.

Kim Yuna didn’t pull out all the stops, we all know she is capable of better, but for health reasons or whatever reasons, she went with simplicity and execution, and that’s fine, that’s the risk she took.

I think even the queen herself knew that she could rise above the shady judging had she honestly put her mind into it, but she just wants to enjoy her Olympics, so lets leave her alone.


But the judging is weird, and it’s not cause the home-girl won Gold.

It’s HOW she won it.

Yes it was a great routine, but it isn’t a routine that deserved to be 0.11 points away from the world record, it wasn’t clean, it wasn’t astounding, it wasn’t anything near record-breaking for all the big guns that was in the routine. That’s why everyone is upset.

That’s why the scores should be investigated, not for a change in medals, but to even out the scores, the REAL scores.

Hell, maybe investigation will mean Kostner wins Gold, but then at least we’d all find it FAIR because she was nipping at the heels of a perfect routine.

The skaters put in so much effort and time and blood and sweat into their routines, only to have NUMBERS to judge the quality of all their hard-work.

And if an imperfect routine can now be almost on-par with a record-breaking one, then it’s insulting all the hard-work behind that every figure-skater ever put in.

Jump the figure-skating bandwagon

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