It’s a new year!

Whee !!! It’s a new year!


Yea, I’m not exactly a new year person.

My theory is that all my festive sentimentality is used up during X’mas so New Years…

Basically, in my opinion a new year is as natural as a a new day, a new week, a new second…etc. But you don’t see us celebrating those.

I’m also particularly against new year resolutions, do you HAVE to wait for a new year to start new resolutions?

I have periodic self-reflections at random times of the year and set resolutions then, I don’t know, when resolutions don’t have the word “new year” tagged onto them, I tend to actually do it.’s a new year.

The only thing that really…affects me? About a new years is the fact that I have a new schedule book.

My little bible of life (ha.)

So my only real take away is:

1. My brain really really really needs rest (that’s hint for: SCHOOL, STAY THE FUCK AWAY!, can you tell I really don’t like my school AT ALL?)

2. Because my brain is x.x zombified, it’s really hard to keep track of everything.

Which leads me to my point.

Schedule books makes you wanna be organized and keep track of EVERYTHING.

But that’s really really stressful.

How can you keep track of EVERYTHING.

Most things yes…but trying to organize and note down every single thing that’s in your head…ahem kinda hard.

My brain cowers in a corner in fear when it feels that it has to play gotta catch’em all with the stuff in my head.

You wouldn’t have to tediously write down every damn thought in your head into the schedule book if your brain’s self-sorting system was actually functioning..mine obviously wore out a while back.


What was I trying to say again?

Oh right.

Two things.

Number one, I’m going to spend this day, forcing my brain to STOP trying to be productive and organized so it can recover itself.

Number two, as much of a Virgo as I am, I’m still pretty spontaneous and easy going with non-work related stuff in my life, so the idea of having to plan EVERY DAMN THING in my life is pretty deflating….I’d much rather not have to live every moment off my schedule book, and so….I won’t!

Basically these two things tells me the same thing:


Which means, no planning and organizing, not even on my schedule book and to quit trying to be productive and let everyone else be all “NEW YEAR MOTIVATED”.

Ah slacking, life is so beautiful.

It’s a new year!

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