EOY 2013

Yes yes I know I’m blogging about this like 24 hours late, but I’m dead tired and dazed for reasons I don’t understand.

So EOY 2013 was awesome, was fun, was epic and hot and slightly painful.

I’m really too lazy (read: not in the mood) to recap the rest of my lance making experience, lets just say…the virgo in me wants to RE MAKE THE DAMN THING!

I forgot my earrings T.T which was sad but otherwise I think all the hard work paid off (it’d better, for all the money I spent).

I think my boyfriend is a little (teeny weeny little bit) upset that I didn’t take more photos for all our hard work (oh yes, he is a MAJOR contributor to my outfit) but for me, I just enjoyed the productive achievement you get from making your own prop and looking in-character. After all, getting nice professional photos taken isn’t exactly a difficult task for me.

Anyways so, it was fun, watching Annie run around, squealing whenever she sees an awesome character she wants to take photos with is immensely entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, a round of applause to the photographer who caught my “fuck this can we go yet?” expression. I laughed so hard at that.

See photographers! You guys should have a timer that signals when you guys should finish!

All in all it was entertaining although I feel that EOY could be made better if, they had some indoor areas/fans/air con, more food (cheaper food, REAL food, not cakes and puddings (I almost wrote purrins..)); because I think all the cosplayers would look like shit if their make up melted in the hot sun.

I wonder if Annie will want to have coscards for next year’s EOY…I find that very likely (and to the very girl who is reading this, will be wanting them? lol)

I do have a new criteria for next time’s cosplay though…a character that doesn’t need props.


Honestly, next EOY, I’m going to either dress up as a character with a bag/lots of pockets and or find someone to tag along to carry our stuff; I’ll also bring my own DSLR (because all them “professional” cosplay photographers…obviously aren’t professional photographers for other things…) and BRING BENTO. Seriously…a yummy picnic would improve things immensely. ‘

So, here are photos galore (un-edited ones too, because I still have stuff to finish writing and translate for work.)

Chocomon out!


EOY 2013

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