First time making cosplay prop


I seem have gotten myself into a little bit of a pickle.

I’m making a cosplay prop.

Now I’m not a serious cosplayer, however Annie really likes doing it and it’s fun to do something interesting with a friend, so I’m cosplaying this year as Yun Fang from FF.

So…Usually I’m the lazy sort, just buy the whole costume and bam be done with it.

Except after last year’s wig horror story, I decided I’d pick a character where I don’t need to wear a wig.

Which means…I don’t have much to choose from.

Since Annie originally wanted to go as Yuna from FF, I figured I should pick an FF character too and long story short, it costs a bomb to cosplay as her.

Ultimately, I got the costume for her, which was more than half of the budget I wanted to spend on cosplay.

And her shoes and lance costs another extra 250USD….

Which only meant one thing.

Hardware mode.

I’m gonna have to make my own props!

Which is why I just spent the past one hour-ish sawing through 3mm of PVC foam sheet with a pathetic pen knife.

There must be something more effective to do this with, I swear.

So now…I’m one sheet down and three more to go.

I’m almost certain that this is the most painful part of this process.

Literally, my finger and shoulders are still aching from all the force necessary to puncture the little pen knife of mine into the PVC board..

And the actual cut out from the board looks like it was chewed out rather than cut out.

Thank god for clay…so I’d be smoothing out edges for a while.

However despite my shaking arms..right now I’m feeling very satisfied and accomplished.

Art projects are fun.

2013-12-07 23.47.11 2013-12-07 23.48.44

First time making cosplay prop

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