Don’t blame bilingual education for poor mother tongues!

Just read a blog post by a Japanese person (I have no idea if he or she is…well a he or she), but the gist of the post (which I understood thank to the prolific use of Kanji) blames the deteriorating of Japanese people’s Japanese language skills on trends and fashion, and the inclusion of foreign language in Primary and Secondary education.

Yes, I know my post isn’t completely grammatically correct and I probably have spelling/grammar errors here, I’m not going to start being all correct just cause some anal person thinks that how grammatically correct your blog post is reflects on your language abilities. I can write a grammatically correct paper when I’m required to.

Now back to the topic.

The latter of this person’s reasoning irks me.

Damn it, don’t blame a second language on the deteriorating of your mother tongue!

It doesn’t and shouldn’t affect it, especially if everything else besides english is taught in Japanese.

I mean in my case, my Chinese deteriorated slightly (yes Mandarin in my mother tongue, deal with it) because although it’s my mother tongue, I live in a country where first language is by and large English. Everything is taught in English besides Chinese.

And see, learning Chinese din’t make my English shit. It made my English really good.


Learning another language can’t really fuck up your mother tongue, if your mother tongue is shit to begin with, then it’s the fault of the person not maintining their mother tongue, foreign languages won’t make you forget your existing vocabulary, especially not when the lessons dedicated to said foreign language is so far and few in between.

Hell, my English didn’t get worse just cause I picked up Japanese in secondary school.

So unfair, blaming other languages.

Don’t blame bilingual education for poor mother tongues!

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