Yahoo commentors are all miserable assholes

I’ve come to this conclusion that people who comment on Yahoo news are all miserable assholes and wankers.

Here’s why.

They are NEVER and by that I mean, NEVER positive.

You share ANYTHING with them, they find something bad to bitch about.

Which leads to my next point.

They are NEVER happy.

Actually, I would like to amend that point, they’re only happy after they’re done with their snarky, bitchy comment, either about money or the government or usually, both together.

You talk about young tennis prodigies, they bitch about the Singapore government.

You talk about a new gym on the block, the bitch about the price, distance and “fake” gimmick.

You talk about Psy, they bitch about Koreans and the society…..and the government.

I give up, they’re all just miserable assholes.

Of course, it’s the 21st century, and these fuckers who are constantly bitching about lack of freedom of speech are unfortunately entitled to ridiculing the deaths of people in natural disasters…usually in conjunction to the government.


Yahoo commentors are all miserable assholes

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