What is art?

I’m an arts management student.

So this question of what is art is constantly posed at me.

Really, in the past I saw art as well….art pieces.

Drawings, statues, paintings etc.



Then I started studying arts management student and then the question got more complicated.

I’ve come to a satisfying conclusion to that question, conclusion, not an answer.

See, I now see art as two things.

Art as any kind of drawing, painting, statue, doodle, spray paint, works of visual/audio pieces as art.

Then there is art as an activist action or something that’s mean to prove a point, story, a concept.

That’s art ranging from installations to actions.

I call the latter form of art, Art.

What’s the fundamental difference between the two types of art?

The artist.

If today I had a story to tell, and although I can’t paint/draw for shit, if I had this story in mind and tried to convey it with a ton of stick figures, that’s legit Art.

But my Art isn’t art, it wasn’t made to be visually appealing, it’s a bad drawing.

As an arts management student, I realize, I’m dealing with Art, not art.

More than half the time the work I work with aren’t made to look pretty or visually appealing, they tell stories, they’re trying to prove something, change something.

Art needs to change something, it needs to influence reality no matter how small it is.

art just creates and acts in its own reality, like Manga. I mean yes Manga and anime affect reality but it wasn’t created to do so.

Sometimes, art an Art intersect.

But basically, I realize, Arts managers are working with Art as an activitist action.

And Artists are really just activists, whom instead of talking with their voices, talks through their works.

It’s like a musician who plays drums instead of singing.

Artists are just a different species of activist.

So art managers don’t manage art works, we manage activist ideals and projects, revolutionaries and activists.

Thus in conclusion, it’s important to be able to segregate Art and art for me, so I don’t get such a headache.

It also makes it less conflicting when trying to appreciate Art, because you don’t need to understand why it looks good or amazing, you just need to appreciate the concept behind it, and that, I am good at.

What is art?

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