Moo I’m not a cow


Lol, I’d like to start by saying Nagi no Asakura is an awesome anime. Really like it and its characters, although not my favourite art style.

Right, so my wtf moment for today.

Today I was late for a meeting (because against my better judgement I slept in) and so I threw on what I dub my lazy clothes.

My lazy clothes involve awesomely comfy long dresses, you just throw them on, wear sandals and you’re done.

Because they’re loose they make you feel lazy.

Unlike shirt+shorts/jeans+socks+sneakers.

So in short, dresses are my lazy I can’t be bothered get up.

Which was why I found it funny and weird that 5 people, actually almost everyone , asked me “Are you going somewhere today? Why are you so dressed up?/Why are you wearing heels?”



I’m not dressed up, by chocomon definition I’m dressed down.

It’s all the sandals I tell you….

And yup…that’s my wtf moment for today.

Peace out!



Moo I’m not a cow

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