Woes of actual photographers

So around 2 minutes ago I was about to jump on the instagram bandwagon.

Then….I didn’t.

I was hoping to use it to share all my photography photos.

Then I belatedly realized it’s a phone photography app thing.

Well that kind of complicates things a bit.

I only use my phone when I need to quickly snap a picture for reference purposes or because I left my camera at home.

Which means all my awesome photos are taken with my DSLR.

Which means instagram (where you gotta add a filter to everything) doesn’t work for me.

Because you know, I use an ACTUAL camera, one that isn’t attached to the almighty phone.

Yup, woe is me.

So instead, I’ll be migrating my photography onto tumblr instead.

I was on WIX but I’ll admit, making a wix website is really really complicated.

Aaand that’s all from me today.

Woes of actual photographers

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