I like finding out the truth, or whatever is closest to it.

Because if not there will be a shit load of miscommunication and everyone is wrong and right at the same time and it’s really really annoying for me.

I’m perfectly fine with complicated shit, as long as it’s clear.

For example, one of my best friends used to have a crush on another of my best friends, AND I NEVER KNEW.

See, I would understand why my two best friends always have such terrible fights which requires me to mediate them over the phone for HOURS had I known this little fact.

They were in this…ambiguous friend relationship but with not-friend expectations.


But NOOOO, they don’t wanna clarify that tidbit so I’m always frustrated about HOW to resolve this whole mess.

Second example.

See, I was always under the impression that my ex hates his dad but likes his mom…then it turns out he hates his mom and just has conflicted emotions about his dad…actually he has conflicted feelings about the whole fucking family. It’s a love hate relationship, he loves them out of family obligation and hope but then hates them for their fucked-up ness. See, I GET that. But if you keep going “I HATE I HATE!” And then get mad when I ask you to just fucking walk out, I’d be confused and angry. I’m just trying to HELP! It’s like you say you hate being in an abusive relationship and then you don’t wanna leave because you actually like it.


Third example.

I have another good friend, she apparently has a very fucked up relationship with her family, according to her. But when your pursuit it, it goes from, actually it’s just my sister and grandmother to, actually it’s only on occasions, to, it’s not really that bad. WHAT IS IT!? Really, because my honest advice, which comes from me wanting to help is, ALL OF YOU GO SEE A FUCKING COUNSELOR AND SORT THE SHIT OUT. But noo, it’s not THAT bad. I don’t know, it’s bad enough that you cry and break down over it but then when you are logically challenged, it’s not that bad. So it’s your problem or theirs or both? Then ADMIT it’s everyone’s problem and all of you go FIX IT. Quite trying to hide the truth!

Fourth example.

I love my boyfriend very much, like very very much. But really, he confuses the SHIT out of me. It’s getting better but I mean why is it so hard to get the full story out? It goes from, I don’t like hanging out with my colleges but I hang out with them a lot. Uh…how does that logic work? If the whole “I’m nice and accommodating” thing was explained from the start, I’d be less fed up I think. Then there’s the MAIN confusion, I have no idea how much his mom hates me. On good days, it’s “she’s okay with you”, on bad days it’s, “yea she really doesn’t like you”. Technically this isn’t his fault, it’s his mom’s. I mean, first of all why does she hate me? Am I not good enough for her son or her family? Do I have to be royalty? Oh wait, I technically am. So what the other fuck am I supposed to do? -_-ll Yup don’t get it. She doesn’t either, but it’d be so much easier if she had even a STRANGE reason. Speaking of which, it also confuses me, I think my boyfriend likes his dad more than his mom but apparently it’s the other way round? He’s just more easily annoyed with his mom? I don’t know and he doesn’t like talking about it, so I’m forever lost about where he stands with his parents, which is a concern because they may become my parents in-law and I gotta know where he stands…though really it really puts me off marrying my dear boyfriend when I think about his mom. I have no idea when she’s gonna sabotage the relationship. I mean sure my boyfriend loves me now and all, but then one day when he ISN’T happy with me, her words are going to go through to him and he’ll hate me. And I have SO much to hate on, after all, I’m not the girl you bring home. *sigh* See why I don’t want to get married? And it’s also confusing, is my boyfriend REALLY okay with not being married? I often wonder despite how much I love him, are we better off as friends and he’d be happier and an easier life with other girls.

Right got carried away on that.

Fifth example.

Okay, I’ve pretty much got it figured out, my mom’s a pathological liar, she’ll just lie because it’s CONVENIENT. Which leads to a SHIT LOAD of miscommunication because. I’d think she saw a doctor and therefore think the doctor sucks when she actually didn’t see a doctor and just say she did. Or even worse, she’s actually NOT that upset, she just wants to say she is so she’ll get babied…so I worried my ass off for nothing, hence I won’t be nice, I’ll just be mad, YOU PLAYED WITH MY FEELINGS! I hate that. Just give me the exact level of pain and suffering so I can apply the appropriate level of comforting. It’s like, if you exaggerate, I will blow the things out of proportion and everything becomes drama. Me no likey that.


So yup, see my point is, I get mad easily, so why do you wanna be misunderstood by me when I won’t be as mad when faced with the honest fucked up truth?

Chocomon, tsk-ing as I go out!


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